offers numerous opportunities in the coal industry, but there are a few specific questions I find myself answering daily.

“How do find what I am looking for?”

“How can your company assist with achieving the best possible results for me?”

“I need to buy coal.”

I have been in the coal industry most my life. I speak with individuals from all around the world to understand the disadvantages of locating the product that you are looking for. I get contacted daily by companies and brokers, that are looking for a product that really doesn’t exist.

What most people don’t understand is this:

For example: You have twenty million dollars that you worked hard for over the years to earn. I come to you and say;

“I have a coal mine we are going to open soon. We need twenty million dollars to get coal producing and on the ground ready to sale. But I have few problems. I don’t have a buyer for the coal, and I don’t know how we will get your twenty million dollars back when we get up and running.”

Would you want to invest? Would this be the outcome you were looking for? I imagine you would like a secure way to not only recover your money but a desirable profit as well. Right? To do that, I need a buyer for the coal to secure your investment, so you are comfortable putting the money in to start the mine. In doing this, it would place our coal under contract and would not permit us to sale the coal to any other buyers. The coal would never be on an open market for other buyers to purchase is the point I am trying to make.

The coal industry has been struggling over the past decade, and every mine in production has contracts in place and cannot sell that coal to anyone else. Unless they start a new mine, with a new buyer, along with secured funds in place. This will allow the new mine to be developed with the new buyers.

I bet in your search for “coal for sale” you are always running into a few frustrating obstacles;

•  The most common issue is the price. In the US, we have a market price set for all coal being mined and sold. That is what everyone tracks in the business. Most of the time, that price is way too high to support the option of exporting. Due to a lower buying price cap in other countries.

•  Trust is the additional tricky problem in the coal industry. Trust issues make it difficult to get to the right individuals that could help in any way. They are individuals in the middle, keeping everything away from you, making it seem impossible for you to make a deal. Or when you finally find someone in the coal industry, they won’t take you seriously, return your phone calls, or even your emails.

•  Make sure you do some diligence! The one I hear and see the most is this; You get in touch with an individual that has located exactly what you are looking for, and that will agree to the price that you need. Make sure you ask for supporting documents that will prove their capability of this. Nine out of ten times, you will find out when you do some due diligence, they are full of CRAP!!!

Your Options:

•  You could completely ignore all of this; Keep wasting time and chasing your tail. You will eventually circle back around and find all this is true in every way!

•  We could consult with you about your option of securing a joint venture deal. A joint venture deal with a reputable mining company that has the coal you are looking for. This option gives you somewhat of a price break but may not get you where you would need to be on price. It would get you closer than paying the market price for coal even if it was laying everywhere for sale.

•  We could consult with you about your option of securing your own source of coal that you actually could own and that would give you the freedom of being price competitive in other world markets. This model would be a perfect fit for anyone looking to buy any type of coal especially end users and resellers. This option gives you the opportunity to get the coal for cost, and that would for sure get you the coal you are looking for way below the price you are even willing to pay for it.

So let’s go over the last two options because I’m sure you would like to learn more about them. CSO would start out working as a consultant for your group. We would go over all the important information with you and your group including but not limited to the pros and cons of every project. At that point, we would gather all the information from the seller on the projects that you have interest in. We would answer any questions or concerns you may have and would conduct site visits with your group. We would show you the best available ROI in the market, go over numbers, as well as some projections so you can decide what would be best for your group. Once you have decided on the project or projects, you would like to purchase, and we would help you negotiate the deal. This includes helping you with each step including working with the attorneys to make sure you have covered all your bases in detail. Once the purchase is completed we could stay on only as a consultant to further any assistance you may have, or we would become part of the team and move into the role of the management team. We would take care of everyday operations so that your group would not have to deal with much of the headache other than us as a group discussing and making the very best decisions for your project(s). We would handle everything from start to finish. That would require working with the attorneys and engineering firms to get all the paperwork ready for the project(s) to get started, we would help with getting a budget together and mining plan together and then apply everything for the start-up, handle everyday mining operations, deal with all state and federal inspectors, handle all contractors and employees, and oversee all the reclamation efforts to get your bonds back on the projects.

Over the last eight years, the declining coal market has changed the business for many. Numerous coal companies did not survive the war on coal. For the few of us that did, it is very exciting to see this new administration paving the way to bring the coal industry back to life. We have many projects ready to go for investors/buyers like you looking to get into the coal business today. We have spent a lot of time leasing coal reserves in the last few years. We have reserves that are permitted and some reserves that are not. Depending on what you are interested in, we have a wide variety of options. We have reserves of Steam Coal, Thermal Coal, Industrial Coal, Met Coal(Coking Coal), Blue Gem Coal, Silicon Coal, and Ferrosilicon Coal. Coal has been in very high demand in the last year, and we have put together a very attractive plan for investors and coal buyers of the coal industry, which has some highly profitable opportunities. We have also located some operating mines for sale and mining permits for sale that is ready to be mined right now. This process can save time from the normal startup and permit process of coal mines in The United States. We are currently looking for investors and coal buyers for these projects. is currently looking for investors from all around the world, that is interested in the following opportunities;

•   Non-permitted coal reserves for sale

•   Non-permitted coal reserves for lease

•   Mineral rights for sale (steam coal, blue gem coal, industrial coal, metallurgical coal and coking coal)

•   Mineral leases available with thousands of acres of coal (steam coal, blue gem coal, industrial coal, metallurgical coal and coking coal)

•   Permitted coal reserves for sale or lease (steam coal, blue gem coal, industrial coal, metallurgical coal and coking coal)

•   Operating coal mines for sale with or without coal contracts in place

•   Joint Venture Opportunities with coal companies

•   Coal washing facilities for sale

•   Coal transportation companies for sale

We look forward to hearing from you and building a strong, successful business relationship.