Our dedication to providing the best service to our customers is evident in the way we seek to distinguish ourselves as leaders within the coal industry today. As a dynamic and innovative establishment, we meet your needs for consultation, coal and energy related products anywhere in The United States.

There are various factors that drive business in the coal industry. Thanks to our growing clientele, we are able to keep current with these factors. As a result, we are able to provide products and services that match your specifications to the letter. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Buying & Selling Coal
  • Coal Mining Property
  • Coal Mining Permits
  • Coal Mining Equipment
  • Coal Reserves
  • Mineral Rights
  • Shipping & Logistics

Please take the time to acquaint yourself with the top-notch services we provide that are detailed below. We welcome your inquiries, so, on this page is the Customer Inquiry Form. Feel free to complete and submit it to us and we will respond promptly.

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Buying & Selling Coal

Buying Coal

Leave the locating of high-quality coal to us. We will assist you with determining the coal quality and market type that you need. Market types include blue gem coal, cooking coal, industrial coal, metallurgical coal, silicon coal, steam coal, and coal for export. We also offer sulphur and Btu quality among others.

We offer coal at different price averages. For a price quote, please complete the Customer Inquiry Form. We also require a complete, verifiable request from the buying group. Ensure that the email request form includes the complete corporate and contact information, amount, coal specifications, target coal price, delivery, rejection limits and any other information that is necessary concerning the request.

Selling Coal

Need a buyer for your coal? We can assist you with that. To get the process started, we need a complete, verifiable request from the selling group. This request should detail the mine supply and location, fee agreement, blending arrangements, barge or train shipping logistics and schedules and all other relevant information.

Be sure to include the full corporate information, quantity, coal specification, target coal price, rejection limits, delivery, contact and any additional information that is relevant to the buyer’s request. We will assist you in pricing the coal as we are aware that coal qualities, market types and price averages abound.

Other pricing factors to keep in mind are the sales location and included costs like FOB-Free on Board the mine, railcar, river terminal, export terminal, FAS-Free Along Side, CIF-Cargo Cost/Insurance Freight and total delivered cost. We have these and all other things covered.

Buying & Selling Coal Mining Property

Buying Coal Mining Property

Interested in buying coal mining property? Let us assist you. Before you get started, you need to do research. With our knowledge of mines we will ask the right questions so you can decide whether your company is ready to embark on this journey. If you are, we will give you a feel of what is involved in operating your very own mine. Our industry knowledge will also prove invaluable. We can assist you with finding mines for sale or purchasing the one that you have already found.

In order to gather information on the coal mine that your company is interested in purchasing or investing in, please provide a verifiable request form (LOI) from your company – the prospective investor or buyer. Ensure that the information provided includes the full corporate and all other relevant information. Be advised that some cases require you to provide financial information.

Selling Coal Mining Property

If you have a coal mine you would like to sell, we are happy to locate someone to take it off your hands. We offer consultation on pricing or any aspect that you have questions on.

Please provide us with a complete verifiable selling request. Be sure to provide the fee agreement, the mineral deed, property deed and location. Other information that is required is contact information for the owner, full corporate information, your target price, amount and coal specifications along with any other information that would prove helpful to a prospective buyer.

Buying / Selling Coal Mining Permit

Buying Coal Mining Permit

Without the right permit, you cannot legally mine. We are committed to assisting you with acquiring the needed permits. The type and number of permits needed will depend on the area that you would like to undertake the mining operations in.

Selling Coal Mining Permit

Buying / Selling Coal Mine Reserves

Buying Coal Mine Reserves

Selling Coal Mine Reserves

Buying / Selling Coal Mine Rights

Buying Coal Mine Rights

Selling Coal Mine Rights

Buying / Selling Coal Mining Equipment

Buying Coal Mining Equipment

As a coal sales company, we assist you right from acquiring your coal mine right throughout its operation. As such, we source and facilitate your purchases of coal mining equipment. We will provide a checklist of the safety and other gear that is needed and we can also provide a list of the other essential equipment that is needed.

Our expertise and access to coal industry networks allows us to recommend suppliers of new and used equipment to meet your mining needs. Underground loaders, trucks, drills, mine fans, and hoists are among the equipment that we can help you to purchase.

To request assistance with deciding which equipment to purchase or where to locate your desired equipment, please fill out the Customer Inquiry Form with as much relevant details as possible. We will go above and beyond to ensure that you are satisfied.

Selling Coal Mining Equipment

If your mining operation has expanded beyond your present equipment or you have any piece of equipment that you no longer need, we are here to assist you with finding a buyer.

Be sure to provide all the relevant information to a buyer like the age of the equipment, the location and the asking price.

Shipping coal

Shipping Coal by truck

Over shorter distances, you may prefer to make use of trucks to transport your coal. The major issues affecting transportation by truck are road maintenance, the dust and noise nuisance and general traffic safety.

Let us arrange your next coal shipment by truck. We will locate the size truck of your choice and identify the best route to get your coal from the source to its destination. Generally, truck transport doesn’t exceed 100 miles. Please complete the Customer Inquiry Form and we will respond as soon as possible.

Shipping Coal by train

Coal producers depend on transportation by train heavily. In fact, growth in coal use is somewhat reliant on the amount of coal that can be transported via railway at affordable rates and reliably. We are all about efficiency and getting you the best service for your shipping dollar. We can arrange for transportation of your coal via train.

To get the process started, please provide us with information on how the coal will get to the railway, the location, how far the coal is to be transported, the type of coal, your contact information and all the other relevant information.

Shipping Coal by barge

Shipping coal by barge is one of our specialities. We understand that transportation costs are important to coal suppliers and mining companies because your client may select a supplier based on the cost to transport the coal. Provide us with the details and we can take care of the arrangements. Please provide us with the full corporate information, quantity, coal specification, target coal price, rejection limits, delivery, contact and any additional information.

Coal shipping logistics and schedules

Coal shipping logistics

Coal blending arrangements

Coal blending

We Are Looking For Coal Investors

We are currently looking for investors from all around the world that are interested in the coal industry. Our highly-experienced management team currently has numerous opportunities in the coal industry to fit any investor’s needs. We have the following opportunities available:

  • Non-permitted coal reserves for sale
  • Non-permitted coal reserves for lease
  • Mineral rights for sale (steam coal, blue gem coal, industrial coal, metallurgical coal and coking coal)
  • Mineral leases available with thousands of acres of coal (steam coal, blue gem coal, industrial coal, metallurgical coal and coking coal)
  • Permitted coal reserves for sale or lease (steam coal, blue gem coal, industrial coal, metallurgical coal and coking coal)
  • Operating coal mines for sale with coal contracts in place
  • Joint Venture Opportunities with coal companies
  • Coal washing facilities for sale
  • Coal transportation companies for sale

We have many opportunities for investors right now. Over the last eight years, the declining coal market has changed the business for many. Numerous coal companies did not survive the war on coal. For the few of us that did, it is very exciting to see this new administration paving the way to bring the coal industry back to life. We have many projects ready to go for investors looking to get into the coal business today. We have spent a lot of time leasing coal reserves in the last few years. We have reserves that are permitted and some reserves that are not. Depending on what you are interested in, we have a wide variety of options. We have reserves of Steam Coal, Industrial Coal, Met Coal, Blue Gem Coal, Silicon Coal, and Ferrosilicon Coal. We are ready to begin the permitting phase and marketing of all types of coal with investors. Coal has been in very high demand in the last year, and we have put together a very attractive plan for investors of the coal industry, that has highly profitable opportunities.

We have also located some mining permits for sale and operating mines for sale that are ready to be mined right now. This process can save time from the normal start-up and permit process of coal mines in The United States. We are currently looking for investors for these projects.

Various factors are involved in doing business in the coal industry. Our dealings with so many different companies in the coal industry, keeps us up to speed. We can locate what you are looking for. We deal with coal suppliers, coal companies, coal brokers, coal mining equipment companies, land owners, coal transportation companies, and shipping companies of coal for exporting. As coal demands keep growing, many companies have proved coal as the best investment opportunity of today. Coal is the world’s fastest growing fossil fuel (for the 8th year now) and likely will be for the next 10-20 years at least.

We provide consulting services to buyers and sellers of coal properties and reserves. Whether you are looking to invest in mines that are active or permitted, joint venture opportunities, or merely in acquiring reserves, COALSALESONLINE.COM can locate projects that fit your specifications.