My name is Billy Fitch, and I would like to welcome you to My website has a very significant global presence on the internet today. is ranked highly on many different internet search engines on just about anything and everything to do with the coal industry. This process did not happen overnight. It has taken me a lot of hard work, sleepless nights, and even a few tears to finally have the business and website I had always envisioned.
In my younger years, I had my sights set on a different future, but it never worked out that way. No matter what I thought about doing, I would always find within myself a yearning and a passion for the coal industry. I would speak with people while working for different coal companies and would see people travel from all over the world wanting to get into the coal business. I realized that my knowledge of the coal business was valuable and beneficial. I also saw how priceless it would be to people that didn’t know much about the business.

I decided I was going to try something extraordinary and diverse. I would go into the coal brokerage and coal consulting business. I had a vision of what I wanted to achieve, create, and develop but needed to get everything to that point. I had the idea of a website. I wanted this site to be appealing, to be informative and beneficial to everyone around the world. I was determined to create a website that would be the “go to” website when it came to the coal industry. I wanted to figure out and pinpoint people’s needs, distribute my knowledge and continue to make progress as each demand changed. No matter what people needed or wanted to find out, they could reach out to me for the solution. I wanted it to reach and influence people around the world. I wanted it to be the ultimate website.

This site was the one sure way to utilize my knowledge and way of life best. At that point, I started a very lengthy, drawn-out process which is now It has taken a lot of hard work, determination, courage, drive, fearlessness, heart, and willpower. It has been an uphill battle with a lot of people saying I was crazy and at times I believed them. I have had some exceptional, gratifying, and positive experiences as well as some that have been inconsiderably unpleasant.
Overall, I have learned many valuable lessons on ethics, principles, standards, and values, which has made me who I am and every bit of this worth it.

I have people contact me daily, as well as come to Kentucky to meet me from all over the world. All the people I meet with today and speak with are interested and want to be involved in the coal industry. I am incredibly rounded and knowledgeable in the coal industry, and I am always staying up-to-date with all the happenings in the business.

People always want to know how to get started and be profitable in the coal business. I am asked this question daily, and it is different depending on the situation.
I enjoy speaking to people about the coal industry, and I try to teach people as much as possible about the business when they contact me. I am upfront and frank, and I take the time to try to speak with everyone. I treat people just as I would like to be treated. I try to answer all their questions and concerns and make sure they understand everything entirely before they invest in the coal business. You will find so many dishonest people, especially in the coal business, who only want your money. I pride myself on being honest, transparent, and respectful to my clients. I like to bring people in the business, and we stay on the same team. I think this is critical to being successful in the coal business.

I take a lot of pride in what I do in the business and for my clients. The coal business is unique, and there are many ways to be successful. You need to be involved in the right deals and have the right people working with you. Don’t get me wrong, the business has had its ups and downs the past few years, but I honestly feel that all of that is about to change. There are a lot of ways to be very successful in this business, and with my knowledge and experience, the profits can be unbelievable.

I was fortunate enough to be born and raised in Eastern Kentucky, in the heart of coal country. I started in the coal business as a heavy equipment operator in Eastern Kentucky for a large coal company that had many coal mining operations around the world. I would later become a Foreman and then a Superintendent over numerous mining sites throughout my career. I have held many high-ranking positions in the coal industry where I have all my licenses to do so. I would later become a business owner of many different companies in the coal industry.

Most of my family members worked as coal miners all their lives. My Grandfather was a coal miner, and it is there that I gained the desire to become a coal miner, just like him. As a young boy, he would take me hunting and to the coal mine where he worked very hard as an underground roof bolter. We would go hunting by the surface mine operations that the coal company had reclaimed from past mining. It was teeming with wildlife. There I would find myself watching the bulldozers, loaders, and massive rock trucks moving mountains of dirt and shaking the ground as we passed by them on our way to our hunting spot.

I would always find myself watching the heavy equipment instead of hunting. I would sit and listen to the backup alarms from hundreds of yards away and just think about everything going on around me. I would ask my Grandfather questions all day long about mining. My grandfather and I did a lot of hunting together, but in our conversations, we sure mined a lot of coal.